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Pricing Policy

How do we price products?

We cooperate with international manufactory, large scale purchase, etc. Some of our products are good quality leftover stocks from brand shops, and some come from special channels. For these reasons, we are able to offer a reduced price.

The price displayed for products on our website represents the full retail price based on the Quality Grade (eg: AAA+/Normal Grade, Original Material/Top Grade. AAA+/Normal Grade is default grade.), suggested by the manufacturer or supplier, according to standard industry, and connect with our aim which is to provide buyers luxury at competitive prices (Please find more details in About Us).

Is there any discount?

Two kinds of discount available:
1: We hold discount promotion frequently. Please pay close attention to our website. (All discount promotion will be noticed here).
2: You will get different discount according to the payment method you choose. (Please find more details in Payments Procedure.)

How can I get my discount fees?

If you select online payment (Credit Cards), we will refund the discount fees to your Credit Card once we confirm the payment.
If you select Western Union or MoneyGram as a method of payment, please contact us, we will inform you the discounted price by e-mail. 

An example of how discount works
Discounted Price = Item Price - Item Price x Discount Percent
The Price of Your Order = Discounted Price + Freight Charge
We sell one Louis Vuitton LV Damier Ebene Canvas Neverfull MM N51105 for $306.00
$306.00 x 5% Discount Percent = $15.3
$306.00 - $15.3 = $290.7
Discounted Price is $290.7
$290.7 + $30 EMS Freight Charge = $320.7   
The Price of Your Order is $320.7

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or concerns.
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