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[Article] Lightluxe4life Packing Details (Series 1 - Louis Vuitton)
[Article] Lightluxe4life Packing Details (Series 1 - Louis Vuitton)
Author:Lightluxe4life   View:722   Time:07-06-2015 15:52:57
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Many customers concern our packing details, we will show some photos of Packing Details for our customers for your reference here:

Lightluxe4life Packing Details for Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy M40393

All packing details will be sent to your e-mail box when being shipped out. This has also been mentioned in our Shipping Procedure.

We aim to focus on customers' needs and satisfaction by constantly introducing exceptional quality goods, prices and good customer service. We are dedicated to bring the best service possible to our customers by presenting a quality control procedure at our warehouse, which permits us to inspect all items(100% inspection) prior to dispatch, so we have full of confidence to meet your quality level.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or concerns.
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